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She sells sea shells on the sea shore…

A Victorian Seaside Summer at the Ragged School Museum




Can’t get away this Summer Holiday? Never fear! Enjoy a Summer by the Sea here in the East End of London!


The 19th century development of the railways meant that for many Victorians a trip to the Seaside, even for just a day, was now a possibilty. The Victorian seaside resort is something that many of us still use and love today in places like Brighton, Bournemouth, Margate, Eastbourne and Blackpool to name but a few!

Kent, Margate. The Beach in Victorian Times

From sand castles and donkey rides to fairgrounds, bathing machines and bandstands we owe our seaside holiday culture to the holiday makers of the Victorian Era.
Join us throughout the Summer Holidays for families to find out just why the Victorians loved a trip to the sea.


Discover what can be found in the depths of a rock-pool, create a puppet show for the pier, learn all about how Victorians spent their summer holidays and much more besides!



  We will be open every Wednesday and Thursday from 27th July to the 25th August, with new activities each week to keep you entertained. The under 5’s Ragamuffin Room will also be open as will the Towpath Cafe, the East End Kitchen and of course the Victorian Classroom!
 Entry and Activites are all FREE but as we are a charity with no public funding much needed donations are very welcome!









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