Holiday Activities



May Half Term at the Ragged School Museum

Join us this Half Term to and mark International Children’s Day with


“Children in Victorian Stories”



Alice in Wonderland illustrated by John Tenniel


Authors of the 19th Century played a vital role in developing new views of childhood and what it meant, giving children voices to be heard and stories to be told.
Come and join us, along with Alice, Oliver, Mowgli and more for two days of educational activities that explore the pages of these children’s tales.
John Lockwood Kipling

The Jungle Book illustraded by John Lockwood Kipling

We’ll have an assortment of crafty and arty activities on offer for families, plus our Victorian Classroom and Victorian Kitchen will be open for you to explore along with the rest of our 19th century poor school and the Under 5’s Ragamuffin Play Room. And of course, the Towpath Café will be open for the parched grown-ups!



Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd June 2016









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