What activities do you offer KS2 children?

The Victorian Lesson

As delivered by an actor in full Victorian dress and set in an authentic replica of one of Dr Barnardo’s classrooms where he taught thousands of Victorian street children, this session delivers an unforgettable experience for children. Pupils will be transported back to the 1880s and learn first hand what Victorian schooling was really like. No nonsense will be tolerated in the classroom!

The East End Kitchen

Once the reading, writing and arithmetic tasks have been completed, visiting schools also enjoy a session in our East End Kitchen. Members of the class will hop into the tin bath, scrub the family’s washing clean, fill the kettle, stoke the coal fire, beat the rag rug clean and feel the weight of the flat irons. Led by staff, this session is very hands-on and encourages children to get involved.
Please note: From the start of the academic year 2017/2018, the Victorian East End Kitchen will no longer be available for afternoon sessions.

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