Museum prepares for May Half Term

With just a week to go, the museum prepares its programme of activities during May Half Term

The Education team are busy, busy, busy getting ready for May Half Term! Learning Officers Jennie and Danie, plus a team of fab volunteers, are preparing activities and displays for visitors to enjoy during the holidays.

On Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th May, the museum will be open to visitors to explore, and a programme of free drop in crafty events will be running for families.

This holiday, we’re thinking about style in the Victorian Era – coats, cravats and crinolines! Visitors will have the chance to find out more about fashion in the time of Queen Vic, plus they’ll be able to make their very own top hats, bushy beards, and beautiful bonnets!

Learning Officer Danie models our lovely bonnets!

Learning Officer Danie models our lovely bonnets!

Our Victorian teacher, Miss Perkins will also be dropping in on the museum this holiday – to give our visitors a wee fright by testing them on their reading, writing and arithmetic!

There’ll also be face painting, dressing up, and a few chores to be done in our Victorian Kitchen!

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