May Half Term a wonderful success!

This May Half Term the museum enjoyed the greatest number of visitors during the May school holiday in ten years! Thanks to all those who joined us – new and faces and old! 100_0777

This half term we considered style and fashion in the Victorian Era, with visitors designing and making their own glorious top hats, pocket-watches and beards, as well as trying on a few “ragged” costumes! The rather unusual bustle was also available to try on – a strange looking garment worn by ladies in the later half of the nineteenth century, in order to make their behind look a little larger!

100_0808We’d especially like to thank our wonderful team of volunteers, without whom the museum simply could not run a lively programme of events for families! Thanks also to Elizabeth, who put together the activities, and to our Victorian teacher, “Miss Perkins”, for making a starring appearance!





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