A Victorian Christmas at Barnardo’s

Children waving their Christmas Party invitations.

Children waving their Christmas Party invitations.

Have you wondered how the children at Barnardo’s homes would’ve spent their Christmas’? Well wonder no more as we have unearthed some information from a copy of Night and Day, a monthly newsletter by Dr Barnardo that updated people about what was happening with his philanthropic efforts. This information is about the plans for the children on Christmas day….

Directly quoted: “All the boys of our London Homes will assemble at the Edinboro’ Castle on Christmas morning for a brief service, after which they will march to Stepney Causeway, where a good dinner will be provided for them at half-past 12 o’clock, through the generous kindness of a few friends. As in former years, we will arrange that every boy in the Homes, and such of the girls as may be in London, shall on this occasion be seated at table- cooks, waiters, doorkeepers, and all-and will be waited upon by the masters, the “mothers” of the Boys’  Home, and such visitors as may honour us with their presence. As before, the Editor of this journal hopes to have a happy share in the delightful business of – looking on. Visitors desiring to be present at the dinner at 12.30 should write for cards which will admit the holders between 12 and 2p.m., at which hour all not having luncheon tickets must retire. At 2 o’clock will come the opportunity for the annual re-union of the masters, and of all who are working in our Mission in East London, and all who may be in town for Christmas Day.”


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