Our Schools Programme


We anticipate we will be offering Victorian Lessons in

the Autumn term. You can register your interest on schools@raggedschoolmuseum.org.uk.  We will be recruiting schools’ programme staff soon but we are grateful for your patience.




All sessions: £157
£140 for Tower Hamlets schools.




To book a school visit or to be added to the Spring waiting list, please contact the museum on 020 8980 6405,

or via email at schools@raggedschoolmuseum.org.uk .



Before you call or email, we recommend that you view our Frequently Asked Questions, which contains detailed information about our new pricing structure, facilities, and booking procedures.




Our Schools Programme has been developed to provide children with black board 001an exciting way of engaging their young minds with history, and to encourage them to use their imaginations and creative thinking.

Through roleplay and object handling sessions, your pupils will be given the opportunity to explore and discover what life would have been like for children their age in the Victorian Era.

Our Schools Programme consists of three elements, each based on the National Curriculum and specifically tailored for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Special Educational Needs pupils.

The activities all take place in the building which served as the largest free school for poor or ‘ragged’ children from 1877 to 1908. The children are encouraged to come in costume, dressed as Victorian children (the more ragged, the better!).

Museum of the East End. by Andy Sewell24/09/04


Key Stage 1

For Key Stage 1, we offer two sessions to choose from: a Victorian Lesson led by a costumed actor, or a story telling session, where objects and costume are used to tell the story of Polly, a girl who lived over 100 years ago. Both sessions are designed to be engaging and fun.


Key Stage 2

VictorianClassroom2CroppedFor Key Stage 2, we offer a visit that has two components, both lasting approximately an hour. The first part is a Victorian Lesson, with ‘Miss Perkins’ played by an actor, in our recreated Victorian Classroom. Through roleplay the children are given an opportunity to experience what school was like for poor Victorian children. The other part takes place in the Victorian East End Kitchen, a recreated kitchen belonging to an East End family in about 1900. The session, presented by volunteers and staff, concentrates on the domestic life of poor Victorians. Roleplay is used to demonstrate Victorian ‘chores’ (for example, clothes washing in a tin bath and ironing with flat irons), and children will have the opportunity to handle objects more than one hundred years old. From the start of the academic year 2017/2018, the Victorian East End Kitchen will only be available for morning sessions.


SEN Groups

Our programme for pupils with Special Educational Needs consists of specifically designed sessions led by trained staff. The sessions are flexible to meet the specific needs of the group, but all centre around roleplay and/or object handling in the Victorian Classroom.



We run two blocks of school sessions per day.

AM- Our morning sessions can accommodate 2 classes (up to 68 children) per day. They run from 10:20am- 1:10pm and include the Victorian Lesson, East End Kitchen and a lunch time.

PM- Our afternoon sessions are for 1 class (up to 34 children) per day. They run from 1:20pm- 2:40pm and are for the Victorian Lesson only.  They do not include a lunch time.




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